Apr. 22, 2020

Feb. 28, 2016 Initech Software Company Presents: This Week Events in the Israeli Start Up Community

This week we plan to visit a bunch of choice events:

1.The hard things about being a First PM

This event is perfect for first time project managers. In this event you will receive all the answers you might have on how to start, what are the challenges and common mistakes.

2. TechForGood Rally

This is the closing event of the TechForGood Rally. In this event you will have the opportunity to learn about the different possibilities for cooperation, partnership and participation in the Ecosystem.

3. Sviva2050

In this event you can learn all about the new technologies and to listen to the investors in the field of environment.

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image Aug. 26, 2018

Blockchain revolution in the real estate

My name is Ishay Tentser. I am Co-Founder and CEO at IniTech, an Israeli-based innovative software development company. We help companies use technology to solve core business problems.

We are experts at utilizing cutting-edge digital innovation in such areas as blockchain applications, decentralized technologies, big data, AI and cloud services.

I am a former IDF/ Mamram officer and a graduate of both Hebrew University (B.Sc. in Computer Sciences) and the Technion (MBA).

I have over a decade of broad industry expertise. I’m a founding member in several startups, I give mentorship in startup accelerators and help clients to …

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image May. 16, 2018

Ethereum Smart Contracts – short summary and tips

Following numerous questions that we receive regarding smart contracts and custom tokens, I decided to share a short summary of useful information and tips regarding smart contracts based on Ethereum network. I assume basic understanding of blockchain princeples (good explanation can be found here).

Definitions that you should know

  1. Smart contract is a mechanism involving digital assets and two or more parties, where some or all of the parties put assets in and assets are automatically redistributed among those parties according to a formula based on certain data that is not known at the time the contract is initiated (Ethereum …

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image Jul. 04, 2017

The Innovation Visas Program Will Allow Foreign Entrepreneurs to join Israeli startups ecosystem

We are excited to announce that IniTech has been chosen by Israel Innovation Authority to be one of the 12 Landing Pads for foreign entrepreneurs: as part of the Innovation Visas program, an entrepreneur may reside in Israel for a period of up to 24 months, during which time he/she may submit a request to the Israel Innovation Authority’s “Tnufa” support program. If the initiative matures into a company, the foreign entrepreneur may submit a request to receive further support from one of the Innovation Authority’s programs, and to receive an expert’s visa, for up to …

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image Jun. 19, 2017

Customer First Success through Digtialization

As a leading software company that is involved in the startup world, it is important for us at Initech to cooperate with experts in various fields and provide our readers a valuable information. This article was written by Next Step.

Next Step, based in Silicon Valley with European operations in Oslo, applies best practices in commercialization and organizational change (honed by their team of 40 global consultants since 1997) to lead successful digitalization of mid-size to enterprise businesses. Their proven best practices have been instrumental in the business model transformation and market valuation growth of Adobe, AutoDesk, ShoreTel, Nevion, Avinor …

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image Mar. 12, 2017

EdStart Program.

Last week we participated in the opening event of EdStart program. EdStart is a joint program of the ministry of education and the high tech industry. The program is designed to allow teachers to set up innovative programs and to integrate them in the education system in Israel. Initech participates in the program as technological mentor in a project named Naraview about associative learning using Wikipedia. In the event Initech CEO, Ishay Tentser participated in a panel of experts and spoke about innovation in the filed of educational technology.

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Aug. 14, 2016

Initech Software Company Presents: This Week Events in the Israeli Start Up Community

This week we plan to visit a bunch of choice events:

1.It’s a Men’s Game (and Women Can Play It Too)!

Come and listen to a lecture from Mor Schlesinger, an executive in the hi-tech world, who will explain what are the rules of the game that every women in high tech must know.

2. The Return of The Neural Network: Zeroing-in on the Human Brain.

This meetup is designed for developers. In this event you will listen to  lecture from Dr. Jonathan Laserson, senior algorithm researcher at PointGrab.

3.Class #6 of the Citi Accelerator

In …

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Jul. 17, 2016

Initech Software Company Presents: This Week Events in the Israeli Start Up Community

This week we plan to visit a bunch of choice events:

1. Bot Mania – The Next UX Revolution is Here

In this meetup you will learn all about the bot revolution.

2. Wacom Inkathon 2016, July 18-19

Ishay ,Initech’s CEO will take part as mentor in the event. Webcome with StarTAU are offering founded trip to Las Vegas CEO 2017  to talented coders who can build a technology that incorporates Wecome’s tech for benefit of the world.

3. Know Your Investor: Meet Tal Barnoach, General Partner at Disruptive

8200 ELSP is hosting its 8th “know your investor” event …

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Jul. 10, 2016

Initech Software Company Presents: This Week Events in the Israeli Start Up Community

This week we plan to visit a bunch of choice events:

1.She Codes event with Fiverr’s CEO  

Join us and learn about one of the most prominent women in the israeli high tech.

2.Up West Presents: Entrepreneurs Breaking New Tech Frontiers

Come and learn all about the new emerging technologies.

3. Valuation driven Startup marketing–The 5 top rules in building a business model

In this meetup you will learn how to maximize your startup evaluation, what is the right marketing plan and how to create financial model.

4.Good Food, Good Life, Good Partnership: Nestlé’s …

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