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Sep. 19, 2016

React Native vs Cordova comparison

React Native is a front end framework to create native views in mobile applications, while logic is written in JS. It is a very promising tool for building hybrid mobile applications, but one must be fully aware of its shortcomings and maturity status as opposed to other available options. Below is an overview based on our experience with React Native. We use Cordova as a reference point for comparison, as this is the most popular platform for cross-platform mobile development at the moment.


React Native as a development framework:

The framework itself is production ready. Features like remote JS debugging …

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image Mar. 29, 2016

Consumable vs Auto-Renewable Subscription in Apple’s In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases is often chosen as a main monetization channel for many applications, because of many advantages of the freemium model.

However, correct IAP implementation is notoriously difficult, and Apple are particularly strict in their approval policies for apps that contain IAP.

When you plan on selling anything via your app, you need to determine how does it map to the Apple’s vision of the IAM world:


Products that are used one time, after which they become depleted and need to be purchased again, are usually implemented as consumables. For example, fish food in a fishing app could …

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