Jwed Dating Platform

Niche dating app for English-speaking Jews

Project 1 out of 16


JWed is a niche dating service that is dedicated to bringing Jewish singles together. The app is popular primarily in the US and other English-speaking countries and it exclusively caters to the Jewish community members looking for commitment-minded individuals ready to walk down the aisle. The main focus of the platform is to assist you in finding a life partner who shares the same culture and similar traditional values.

Project challenges

  • Due to the dating service specifics, we had to come up with a solution to match users based on certain criteria, including complex combinations of personal data, locations and recent activity on the platform;
  • Users can access JWed both via the website and mobile app, so we had to figure out how to synchronize information from both sources;
  • As the service had a thorough screening process and a very specific business niche, the company expected to have a lot of communication with users. We had to optimize the backend keeping in mind the high load of customer support tickets;
  • Users entrust a lot of private information to the platform, so we had to ensure the platform’s security;


We have developed complex search and matching algorithms to make sure users find what they are looking for;

Our design team has created a responsive and intuitive UI that corresponds to JWed’s ideology of finding a life partner who shares similar values. For example, the app offers users a chance to say, “I don’t know” and move on to another profile while thinking things over;

We have created a single database management system that connects data between two separate backends for historical reasons: site and mobile application;

We’ve embedded end-to-end encryption of all user-data entered in the system so that their dating life on JWed would always remain private.


  • JWed is one of the most popular dating apps for Jewish singles in the US.  The website has successfully matched 2000+ singles through their endless dating services.
  • The Jewish-only and relationship-oriented dating service cultivates a trustworthy and friendly atmosphere where scammers and spammers are not tolerated. The thorough screening process makes both website and the app extra safe, while advanced matching algorithms make sure users are seeing profiles they can be interested in.
  • Just visit their website – there is always a fresh update about a newly married couple that met on the platform.

Services provided in this project

  • Architecture
  • Product
  • Analysis & Definition
  • UX & UI
  • Development
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • Web
  • Support


  • Hybrid mobile application (React / Redux + Cordova)
  • Python (Django) + PostgreSQL
  • PHP + MySQL
  • Machine learning algorithms

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