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Project 6 out of 8

About the project
An innovative job search and hiring platform, allowing the jobseekers to record and upload a brief self-introduction video, instead of complex and inefficient process of preparation and sending out of traditionary resumes.

Work process
The project included full cycle of product design and development: from initial product definition, through functional analysis, UX design, visual design, development and deployment.
Analysis & Definition
Our team of expert analysts and UX designers worked closely with the customer to pick the right set of features for the product. This included iterative requirements analysis and multiple sessions of feedback implementation, till the final functional specification took shape.

The UX process started with creating interactive wireframes, which allowed us to refine the user flows and make right UX decisions before investing effort into the actual design. The UI design included the complete branding: logo, typography and branding. The mobile-first approach was employed to ensure great usability on mobile devices.

The application was development in agile mode with sprints adding vertical slices of functionality. At the end of each sprint, the application was available for testing on staging, which greatly reduced the overall QA and customer review time.

Services provided in this project

  • Product
  • Analysis & Definition
  • UX & UI
  • Architecture
  • Development


  • Python (Django)
  • ReactJS
  • ECMAScript 6
  • PostgreSQL
  • Linux