Ad management system


ReigNN is an advertisement management system that helps publishers to take control of their data, site safety and user experience. Founded by a team of experienced digital professionals, the platform provides advanced analytics on online ads: where visitors came from, how did their journey look like and what they are interested in.

Project challenges

  • Our main task was l to create an ultimately simple user experience. The user had to be focused solely on increasing the revenue;
  • We had to learn the specifics of digital advertisement business;
  • ReigNN had to process large amounts of information in real-time. We had to ensure fast response time so that a user would have 24 hours access to the relevant information;


  • We have created a clean design with advanced real-time ad filtering;
  • We’ve provided Reignn users with custom tool-sets and unique space formatting. It gives clients the ability to control every aspect of their on-site advertising;
  • ReigNN turned out as an interactive and modern Single Page Application that can process large amounts of information;


ReigNN is an ad-tech solutions platform that gives publishers complete control over the ads that appear on their websites. We have created a powerful UI for ReigNN users. Thanks to clean user experience, users can be focused on improving monetization and ad revenue – they can determine what appears on their site in real-time directly from the platform. How does ReigNN understand best ads practices? It is simple. The platform offers total data transparency to achieve enhanced visitor experience, understands what particular target audience wants to see and shares this knowledge with a user.


  • SPA web app


  • React / Redux + SASS
  • D3 + HighCharts

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