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SeeAm is a cross-platform mobile app that allows users to surprise their friends with a brand new contact picture that is being displayed when calling them. In other words, if both the caller and the call recipient have SeeAm installed on their phones, they can control their contact photos when calling each other.

Project challenges

  • Due to the app’s simple functionality, the main requirement was to create an intuitive user experience that would serve users at any level of technical knowledge;
  • We had to focus on a social component of the app and make sure that the app’s interface is attractive to users and makes them want to interact on the platform;


  • We have created a clean yet fun layout that contains clear instructions on how to use the app;
  • We have added such social components as a dashboard with the list of friends using SeeAm. The dashboard also shows currently used contact pictures on friends’ devices, emoji reactions to go with contact photos and the possibility to invite friends to join a user on SeeAm;


SeeAm mobile app was created for those who at least once in their life were shocked by a choice of their contact picture on a friend’s phone. Begging them to change it to another picture doesn’t usually work, so with such an app the responsibility for the impression the caller makes is on the caller (finally!).
Also, with SeeAm a caller can set the right tone for the conversation. Like, a parent can actually notify their kid about their feelings regarding the school meeting with a contact picture when calling and save kids from guessing their mood by intonation.
This app is pure fun.

Services provided in this project

  • Product
  • Analysis & Definition
  • UX & UI
  • Architecture
  • Mobile (Android, IOS) Development
  • Maintenance


  • Mobile Hybrid Application (React / Redux + Cordova)
  • Python (Django)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Amazon AWS

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