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Ishay Tentser, CEO

As Initech’s CEO and co-Founder, Ishay is entrusted with the company’s business development and operations. Driven by his entrepreneurial streak, Ishay was motivated early on to start his own freelance career, which quickly grew into passion for business. During his MBA studies, Ishay participated in multiple innovation competitions. After finishing 6 fulfilling years as an officer and a team leader in Mamram, Ishay embarked on a fundraising tour in California’s Silicon Valley, and eventually established Initech together with Igor Gassko.

Ishay is known for his remarkable networking and multi-tasking skills, as well as his resourcefulness and invariably cool head.

Ishay holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Hebrew University and an MBA from the Technion. In his leisure time, Ishay trains in karate and consumes terabytes of podcasts on entrepreneurship.


Igor Gassko, CTO

Igor is Initech’s CTO and co-Founder responsible for technology and sales. Prior to establishing Initech along with Ishay Tenster, Igor was involved in several start-up initiatives, and served in various managerial and engineering positions in the field of software development. Notable are Igor’s years as an officer and team leader as part of an elite software unit in the IDF, where he directed development efforts for a large project pertaining to HR planning.

Igor’s greatest strengths are his drive, accuracy and obsession with modern technology. He thrives on challenges, particularly challenges that expand the company’s technological reach.

Igor holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Hebrew University and an MBA from the Technion. In his free time, Igor likes to cook, travel and keep track of the latest developments in science.






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