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image Aug. 15, 2019

Distributed team vs remote team

You probably already know what is an offshore (aka remote) team: it’s a team that sits at the same location (usually an office managed by an outstaffing company) few thousands miles away from you. There’s a good reason for working with off-shore too: it’s cheaper than hiring local developers. The whole industry of off-shore software outsourcing is built around this single concept.

But does that really work? Well, sometimes it does: when you either fully transfer product ownership to remote team’s management or when you constantly travel to supervise the development and stay involved in all …

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image Jul. 01, 2019

Interview With Ishay Tentser on safetydetective

When Ishay Tentser, Co-Founder and CEO of Initech, agreed to an interview, Safety Detective’s Aviva Zacks jumped at the opportunity. She found out what Initech is doing to get the elderly connected safely.

Safety Detective: Where did you get your start in cybersecurity?

Ishay Tentser: My co-founder, Igor Gassko, and I met in Hebrew University in Jerusalem while studying computer science. We were in program that is paid for by the Israeli army and then requires that you serve as an officer in the profession that you gained from the university. We served in the computer unit of the …

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image Mar. 13, 2019

The History and Future of Artificial Intelligence – Interview with Ishay Tenser

IniTech is an innovative software company that uses cutting edge technologies to develop digital products for startups and online businesses. In this interview, CEO Ishay Tentser was the one asking the questions- and answering them in profound depth- to describe what he calls “the AI revolution”. Listen to the man, he certainly knows what he’s talking about!

Ishay Tenser Initech’s CEO was interviewed for the site Website Planet! Clcik here to read the full Interview

You also can read a very interesting article about Artificial Intelligence here

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image Jan. 02, 2019

Pragmatic SEO recommendations

Marketing site is an important part of any commercial project. SEO performance affects not only the reach of marketing campaigns but also their cost-effectiveness: better-scoring sites pay less for ads.


As one of the leading Israeli-based software development companies that has specialized in the web, we would like to share some of our internal SEO development guidelines with the community.


SEO optimization is very extensive and dynamic field: there’s virtually no limit to possible optimizations. Fortunately, in our experience, pareto principle (80% results come from 20% of effort) applies: a set of relatively simple techniques allow to achieve almost-optimal …

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image Dec. 20, 2018

We are thrilled to announce our new product -TimeLinesAI

TimelinesAI (https://timelines.ai/) helps you to track all business communication between multiple participants over multiple communication channels in a single place. Create dedicated inboxes for as many business contexts as you like. Shared them with whoever you like. Forward messages into an inbox, and we will organized them for you into a neat communication timeline.


  • Ever had to sift through hundreds of emails, trying to assemble and organize all relevant emails?
  • Ever had to chase your colleagues in a quest for a bunch of emails you were never CCed to?
  • Ever spent hours analysing an email exchange that happened …
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image Sep. 17, 2018

Django development guidelines by Initech

As one of the leading Israeli-based software development companies that has specialized in the Django framework for over 8 years, we would like to share some of our internal Django development guidelines with the community. We bring to you some of the guidelines that we established for our internal development process. We believe that they can be applied in most of the server-side projects to their benefit, as long as they are developed using Django.

We hope it will help you to make the most of the beautiful and powerful tool that is Django framework.

Don’t hesitate to contact …

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Sep. 19, 2016

React Native vs Cordova comparison

React Native is a front end framework to create native views in mobile applications, while logic is written in JS. It is a very promising tool for building hybrid mobile applications, but one must be fully aware of its shortcomings and maturity status as opposed to other available options. Below is an overview based on our experience with React Native. We use Cordova as a reference point for comparison, as this is the most popular platform for cross-platform mobile development at the moment.


React Native as a development framework:

The framework itself is production ready. Features like remote JS debugging …

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image Mar. 29, 2016

Consumable vs Auto-Renewable Subscription in Apple’s In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases is often chosen as a main monetization channel for many applications, because of many advantages of the freemium model.

However, correct IAP implementation is notoriously difficult, and Apple are particularly strict in their approval policies for apps that contain IAP.

When you plan on selling anything via your app, you need to determine how does it map to the Apple’s vision of the IAM world:


Products that are used one time, after which they become depleted and need to be purchased again, are usually implemented as consumables. For example, fish food in a fishing app could …

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Mar. 08, 2016

How to Find Email Address of Potential Business Contact:

Here’s what you need to do in order to find the right email address and fast:

  1. The first step is to try to find as much information as possible on the company or the person you are looking for. The information needed is company domain, the name of the CEO/ CTO/ Business partner/ Investors/ marketing.

Where to look:

  1. The contact us / about / team page. In some websites the email address of the CEO/CTO will be written. If not, the most important thing is to find the names of the key people in the company/ organization.
  2. In some websites …
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