Mar. 08, 2016

How to Find Email Address of Potential Business Contact:

Here’s what you need to do in order to find the right email address and fast:

  1. The first step is to try to find as much information as possible on the company or the person you are looking for. The information needed is company domain, the name of the CEO/ CTO/ Business partner/ Investors/ marketing.

Where to look:

  1. The contact us / about / team page. In some websites the email address of the CEO/CTO will be written. If not, the most important thing is to find the names of the key people in the company/ organization.
  2. In some websites the about page is hidden, so a good way to find the about or the team pages, is to see if they have a Blog.
  3. You can try the search bar in the website.
  4. In some cases you won’t be able to find the names you are looking for. An easy way is to use Linkedin. In most cases you will be able to find directly the name of the CEO/ CTO / Partner.
  5. Another easy way is using Google search – simply writing the company name and position you are looking for. In some cases this works.
  6. Facebook – Companies pages may contain the information on the Company leaders/ team.

2.  Email Hunter/AeroLeads

This is the easiest way to find email addresses, all you need is the company’s URL. Email finders tools like Email HunterContactOut, or AeroLeads

However, email finders are not 100% efficient.

3. Take a Guess

If Email Hunter is not able to find the email, the best way is to guess using gmail. All you need is a name and company domain. Name@company domain. And just start guessing, try first using the first name@company domain,if this does not yield result, try this combination,  first name .family name@company domain and so on.

4. Gmail account

less recommended option is to find the Gmail account. Why less recommended? You might not find the right person. Another option is that it might be private email account and so your email might be regarded as Spam. In both cases it won’t be effective. This is a good option if you are searching for private individual, not connected to a certain company. How to search? as in the previous section, only this time instead of writing the company domain, simply use gmail.com.

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