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image May. 18, 2017

Leading Digitalization: Nordic Happiness Pays Off

Digitalization, the use of technology to streamline work processes, access information and improve global productivity can be considered the ‘next big paradigm shift’, impacting the way we all work, live and relate to one another.  As with all change, this brings both benefits and challenges.

Based on recent Gallup polls have indicated that less than 15% of workers today feel truly engaged and happy in their jobs, change is needed. Often low employee satisfaction is to lack of challenge and opportunity, not feeling valued but trapped in traditional hierarchies and management structures.

Digitalization allows automation of repetitive tasks so employees …

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image Oct. 19, 2016

Will Founders Shares in Startups be Double Taxed? Strait Solution to Reverse Vesting

One popular and important mechanism in the relationship between a startup and its founders is the reverse vesting. The mechanism enables the company to repurchase from a founder’s shares, when he and the company separate earlier than expected. In the last several years, the concern that the tax to be imposed on such shares shall be doubled increased. Recently, the Israeli Tax Authority (the “ITA”) eliminated such concern.

What is the reverse Vesting Mechanism?

The founders of startup are usually considered as one of its important assets.  Therefore and due to the legal and practical difficulty to ensure that …

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Sep. 19, 2016

React Native vs Cordova comparison

React Native is a front end framework to create native views in mobile applications, while logic is written in JS. It is a very promising tool for building hybrid mobile applications, but one must be fully aware of its shortcomings and maturity status as opposed to other available options. Below is an overview based on our experience with React Native. We use Cordova as a reference point for comparison, as this is the most popular platform for cross-platform mobile development at the moment.


React Native as a development framework:

The framework itself is production ready. Features like remote JS debugging …

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Jul. 24, 2016

Initech Software Company Presents: This Week Events in the Israeli Start Up Community

This week we plan to visit a bunch of choice events:

1. How VC’s Think

The special panel in this meetup will answer the important question that every entrepreneur and startup need to know before approaching investors and VC’s.

2. Women in Digital Israel – Building your Personal Brand

In this meetup you will learn the importance of having a personal brand and how to build it.

3. Building The Web of The Future

This meetup in cooperation with MyHeritage is hosting for the first time speaker from Australia, to learn about the future of the web.

4.Get …

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Jun. 05, 2016

Initech Software Company Presents: This Week Events in the Israeli Start Up Community

This week we plan to visit a bunch of choice events:

1. International Banking & the Future of Money

In this event Goldmoney and Friedberg Institute collaborated to address the issue of achieving monetary stability.

2. Sake Drinking Experience

This event is dedicated to learn about the Sake, the Japanese rice wine. You will have the opportunity to learn the history of sake, how it is produced, how to drink it and which food to eat with it.

3.Data Science Summit Europe 2016

This summit will discuss the art of data science, machine learning and predictive applications.

4. THU …

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May. 01, 2016

Initech Software Company Presents: This Week Events in the Israeli Start Up Community

This week we plan to visit a bunch of choice events:

1.  Mobile Product & Marketing Best Practices/VP Product at Moburst

In this Meetup you will learn all the things you should do and don’t do when developing and launching apps.

2.  Start up nation- a comprehensive explanation of the startups filed in Israel

In this event you will learn from Inbal Arieli the founder of 8200 accelerator, all that you want to know about the Israeli startup world.

3. LeumiTech CFO Meetup

This 5th annual Tech CFO is for CFO’s only. In this event the discussion …

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Apr. 10, 2016

Initech Software Company Presents: This Week Events in the Israeli Start Up Community


This week we plan to visit a bunch of choice events:

1. Start in Germany day

This event connects between Israel and Europe. If you are an Entrepreneur or you have a startup and you wish to meet key people in the German tech and to learn how to tap into the German market, this event is for you.

2. Hitalk- the 11th hitech conference

This conference is designed for CEO’s investors, entrepreneurs and  App developers.

3. JFE Launch in Israel

In this event you will have the opportunity to learn about JFE, the global tech hub that promotes …

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image Mar. 29, 2016

Consumable vs Auto-Renewable Subscription in Apple’s In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases is often chosen as a main monetization channel for many applications, because of many advantages of the freemium model.

However, correct IAP implementation is notoriously difficult, and Apple are particularly strict in their approval policies for apps that contain IAP.

When you plan on selling anything via your app, you need to determine how does it map to the Apple’s vision of the IAM world:


Products that are used one time, after which they become depleted and need to be purchased again, are usually implemented as consumables. For example, fish food in a fishing app could …

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