Jun. 05, 2016

Initech Software Company Presents: This Week Events in the Israeli Start Up Community

This week we plan to visit a bunch of choice events:

1. International Banking & the Future of Money

In this event Goldmoney and Friedberg Institute collaborated to address the issue of achieving monetary stability.

2. Sake Drinking Experience

This event is dedicated to learn about the Sake, the Japanese rice wine. You will have the opportunity to learn the history of sake, how it is produced, how to drink it and which food to eat with it.

3.Data Science Summit Europe 2016

This summit will discuss the art of data science, machine learning and predictive applications.

4. THU Innovation Conference 6th – 8th of June 2016. Startup Exhibition – Tel Aviv Startup Challenge – Speakers Event

In this one week conference, entrepreneurs, diplomats, investors will join together for education, investment and networking.

5. IES – Israel Edtech Summit

More than 40 companies and investors from Israel and speakers from around the world, will participate in this conference. This is a great opportunity for business networking and learning what the Israeli companies has to offer.

6.Zeekit Entrepreneurship – From Idea to Development – Yael Vizel – CEO

In this MeetUp – Yael Vizel the CEO of Zeekit, will share the process from the stage of the idea until the production of her app.

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