May. 01, 2016

Initech Software Company Presents: This Week Events in the Israeli Start Up Community

This week we plan to visit a bunch of choice events:

1.  Mobile Product & Marketing Best Practices/VP Product at Moburst

In this Meetup you will learn all the things you should do and don’t do when developing and launching apps.

2.  Start up nation- a comprehensive explanation of the startups filed in Israel

In this event you will learn from Inbal Arieli the founder of 8200 accelerator, all that you want to know about the Israeli startup world.

3. LeumiTech CFO Meetup

This 5th annual Tech CFO is for CFO’s only. In this event the discussion will be about the challenge during company’s growth.

4. Carmel’s Fintech Forum hosts Hans Morris – FinTech’s Past, Present & Future

In this Meetup, you will have the opportunity to listen to a lector from Hans Morris, the former president of Visa.

5.VideoTLV special: Video, Sports & hosting EVS.com

This Meetup is hosting Muriel De Lathouwer the CEO of EVS.com from Belgium.

Most recommended!

We would be happy to meet you there and discuss possibilities of joint work! If you want to schedule a meeting, drop us a line by email: contact@initech.co.il or through the site www.initech.co.il.

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