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image Jun. 19, 2017

Digitalization is More than Technology Usage

As a leading software company that is involved in the startup world, it is important for us at Initech to cooperate with experts in various fields and provide our readers a valuable information. This article was written by Next Step.

Next Step, based in Silicon Valley with European operations in Oslo, applies best practices in commercialization and organizational change (honed by their team of 40 global consultants since 1997) to lead successful digitalization of mid-size to enterprise businesses. Their proven best practices have been instrumental in the business model transformation and market valuation growth of Adobe, AutoDesk, ShoreTel, Nevion, Avinor …

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image Feb. 13, 2017

TLV Marketing ChatBots – Case Studies from the Field

We are proud to announce that on Tuseday, March 14,2017 we will host a second marketing

ChatBots Meetup.

In this Meetup two companies will present their insignts from using chat bots.

The Meetup will take place at (Barclay) Rise Tel Aviv – 54 Ahad Haam Tel Aviv Floor 5

from 18:30- 20:30

You can find additional information here

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image Jan. 16, 2017

Privacy by design for startups: legal and technology

Save the date!!! We are happy to announce that on Wednesday the 18/1 from 17:30-19:30, Initech’s CEO, Ishay Tentser will talk about Privacy by design for startups: legal and technology at Peerlyst Tel Aviv Meetup on Google Campus Tel Aviv. If you have an idea for a product or a start-up ,and you need advice on the next step, you are more than welcome to join the session.

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image Dec. 20, 2016

Technion Drive Accelerator

We are happy to inform you about the #1 cycle of Technion Drive accelerator this upcoming February. This nine months accelerator program will focus on ICT, Robotics, Big Data and more. This program is a great opportunity. Hurry up to register in this link http://bit.ly/DRIVEApplication
Ishay, Initech’s CEO will take part in the accelerator as mentor. For more information, you are welcome to contact us at contact@initech.co.il or visit our website :www.initech.co.il.

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image Dec. 05, 2016

Opportunity For Cyber Security Startups

Hi there,

I’m thrilled to share an opportunity for cyber security startups to spend a week in Tel Aviv, one of world’s leading cities in the the field, to advance their business and build valuable connections.

Campus Tel Aviv, a Google space for entrepreneurs, will be launching Campus Exchange in early 2017 to bring best-in-class startups from around the world to Israel for a week long program to grow their businesses through targeted mentoring, networks, and exposure to new markets.

This cyber security themed program will provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to immerse your business in the latest trends …

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image Oct. 19, 2016

Will Founders Shares in Startups be Double Taxed? Strait Solution to Reverse Vesting

One popular and important mechanism in the relationship between a startup and its founders is the reverse vesting. The mechanism enables the company to repurchase from a founder’s shares, when he and the company separate earlier than expected. In the last several years, the concern that the tax to be imposed on such shares shall be doubled increased. Recently, the Israeli Tax Authority (the “ITA”) eliminated such concern.

What is the reverse Vesting Mechanism?

The founders of startup are usually considered as one of its important assets.  Therefore and due to the legal and practical difficulty to ensure that …

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