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Opportunity For Cyber Security Startups

Hi there,

I’m thrilled to share an opportunity for cyber security startups to spend a week in Tel Aviv, one of world’s leading cities in the the field, to advance their business and build valuable connections.

Campus Tel Aviv, a Google space for entrepreneurs, will be launching Campus Exchange in early 2017 to bring best-in-class startups from around the world to Israel for a week long program to grow their businesses through targeted mentoring, networks, and exposure to new markets.

This cyber security themed program will provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to immerse your business in the latest trends and technology in the industry. In addition, Campus Exchange will offer insight into the Israeli cyber security and participation at Cybertech 2017, the biggest cyber security conference in the world.

Apply here before December 15th.

Learn more about Campus Exchange here.


  • Startups must be based outside of Israel and have a strong business reason for coming to Tel Aviv.

  • Startups from the cyber security space (IOT, Mobile Security, Cloud Security, Threat Intelligence, Behavioral Detection, Deception, Risk Remediation, Network & Endpoint Security, Continuous Network Visibility, Quantum Encryption, Website Security, etc.)

  • Tech product must have some customer feedback, viability & could be launched globally (& may have raised investment capital)

  • 2 attending founders must be proficient in English

Questions? Send a message to telaviv-admin@campus.co


Ishay Tentser, Initech CEO


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