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image Mar. 12, 2017

EdStart Program.

Last week we participated in the opening event of EdStart program. EdStart is a joint program of the ministry of education and the high tech industry. The program is designed to allow teachers to set up innovative programs and to integrate them in the education system in Israel. Initech participates in the program as technological mentor in a project named Naraview about associative learning using Wikipedia. In the event Initech CEO, Ishay Tentser participated in a panel of experts and spoke about innovation in the filed of educational technology.

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image Feb. 13, 2017

FinTech Junction Tel Aviv 2017

We are happy to informed you that Initech is taking part in organizing FinTech Junction Tel Aviv 2017 and that Initech’s CEO Ishay Tentser is one of the speakers in the event. FinTech Junction will focus on the hottest topics in the filed and the leading investors, entrepreneurs, startups and many more experts will participate. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and network. Don’t miss this event, hurry up and register http://www.fintechjunction.com

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image Feb. 13, 2017

TLV Marketing ChatBots – Case Studies from the Field

We are proud to announce that on Tuseday, March 14,2017 we will host a second marketing

ChatBots Meetup.

In this Meetup two companies will present their insignts from using chat bots.

The Meetup will take place at (Barclay) Rise Tel Aviv – 54 Ahad Haam Tel Aviv Floor 5

from 18:30- 20:30

You can find additional information here

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image Jan. 23, 2017

Software development for digital health

Save the date!!! We are happy to share with you that on Thursday 16/3/17 Initech’s CEO, Ishay Tentser will talk about Software development for digital health at ToolBox workshop. ToolBox is BeWell.Haifa workshops in the digital health field. The workshops include: lectures, useful practice and support by the leading mentors in the field.
You can find additional information in the attached link https://goo.gl/zqxbbi

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image Jan. 16, 2017

Privacy by design for startups: legal and technology

Save the date!!! We are happy to announce that on Wednesday the 18/1 from 17:30-19:30, Initech’s CEO, Ishay Tentser will talk about Privacy by design for startups: legal and technology at Peerlyst Tel Aviv Meetup on Google Campus Tel Aviv. If you have an idea for a product or a start-up ,and you need advice on the next step, you are more than welcome to join the session.

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image Jan. 09, 2017

Messenger as a new marketing platform

Chat bots are one of the hottest trend in the huge messenger ecosystem. However, despite growing in popularity there is still a substantial question on how to use ChatBots in companies marketing efforts and how to successfully incorporate them into the digital environment.

In this meetup we will discuss the exponential growth of instant messenger platforms and the implications for businesses (i.e. marketing, sales, customer relations).

About the speaker (and meetup organizer as well!)

Ishay is the founder and CEO Initech.  Initech is a  leading software development company(www.initech.co.il) that specializes in developing digital products for …

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