image Dec. 20, 2018

We are thrilled to announce our new product -TimeLinesAI

TimelinesAI (https://timelines.ai/) helps you to track all business communication between multiple participants over multiple communication channels in a single place. Create dedicated inboxes for as many business contexts as you like. Shared them with whoever you like. Forward messages into an inbox, and we will organized them for you into a neat communication timeline.


  • Ever had to sift through hundreds of emails, trying to assemble and organize all relevant emails?
  • Ever had to chase your colleagues in a quest for a bunch of emails you were never CCed to?
  • Ever spent hours analysing an email exchange that happened a few years ago?
  • Ever wondered how you could browse and search through all your emails and WhatsApp chats in one place?

We have a right solution for you! And now you have a limited-time opportunity to subscribe for free!

Visit us for more details: https://timelines.ai/
Or contact us directly at: contact@timelines.ai

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