A storefront ecommerce platform for small cosmetic businesses


E-martt is a an ecommerce platform that provides cosmetics resellers and beauty services providers with online stores. The perk of this platform is that sellers don’t need to bother either with online store development or order management and can focus on what they do best – sell cosmetic products and offer beauty services. While businesses list and manage their products in their shop, E-martt administration takes care of the order processing, platform maintenance and general resellers support.

Project challenges

  • We had a goal to create an ultimately simple user experience. We had to ensure that even a user with the most basic tech knowledge can create, customize its look and feel, and manage their online store;
  • To attract business owners to sell on E-martt, we had to come up with creative yet versatile store design options;
  • As the platform has quite a few user roles, we had to thoroughly analyze and prioritize the functionality for each one of them.


  • After conducting deep market research, we have created a catalogue of themes for sellers’ mini-sites. User can customize the themes and use their branding materials;
  • When creating the store, the user is provided with detailed instructions and suggestions. We conducted a User Experience test on a group of cosmeticians to make sure that the platform is easy to understand even for the least tech-savvy people;
  • We have created unique functionality for each user role. While E-martt’s management can create stores and take care of order processing, the service providers can focus on running the store and promoting their services.


E-martt is a storefrontand business management platform for small businesses in the beauty industry.
Today many businesses are struggling when it comes to online presence. Unfortunately, lack of digital skills often leaves small businesses behind and they lose customers to more capable and tech-savvy competitors.
E-martt was created both to empower small cosmetic businesses and provide them with an off-the-shelf solution to move their sales online, and to help those seeking professional beauty services to make the right choice by having the providers all in one place.


  • Web


  • Python (Django)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oscar eCommerce
  • Amazon AWS

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