Totally Pregnant

A pregnancy tracking app


Totally Pregnant is a mobile app that serves as pregnancy tracking platform. It also offers a marketplace for goods and services that can be useful for pregnant women. It uses three primary criteria to personalize content for expectant mothers: location, including a list of local classes and event; timeline, featuring week of pregnancy; and specific interests, such as natural birth or other preferences and health-related questions.

Project challenges

  • Such product was really missing on the market, so we had to adjust to work with a dynamic product team in a fast-paced startup environment: producing product pivots, preparing demos and helping to hit investment goals;
  • We were looking to tear-down existing backend code that company used for proof of concept and redo it from scratch;
  • We had to find ways to connect the platform to a large number of 3rd party sources in order to have a live marketplace with all the pregnancy related services from the partners;


  • We replaced existing basic code used with a stable Django-based RESTFul API backend;
  • To optimize page load speed and facilitate indexing of connected 3rd party sources listings we have built the server-side rendered mini-sites portal populated with cached data retrieved from external sources.
  • We have created a core of the platform so that we could produce and maintain multiple whitelable applications;


In Israel, the app’s first market, a leading Israeli health provider Clalit adopted Totally Pregnant as a whitelabel solution and used it to “drive engagement with future moms and to gain a competitive advantage.” In a year’s time, Totally Pregnant said there was 70 percent growth in future moms “arriving from competing health providers” to Clalit.
The Totally Pregnant app was selected by Texas Hospitals Association as an official distributor of Healthcare providers in Texas. After the product release, the company received many collaboration and investment opportunities in the US market.


  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • Web


  • Objective-C
  • Java (Android)
  • Python (Django)
  • PostgreSQL

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