Digital mortgage broker


Morbi is all about disrupting the Mortgage brokerage Industry, by digitizing the mortgage borrowing process.

Morbi makes sure that the customer gets the best mortgage quote, and move much faster to a closing stage, at the bank.

Morbi’s cutting-edge algorithm takes in account dozen of different parameters to optimize and provide the best mortgage quote. Therefore, we know what is the optimal quote for the borrower.

Project challenges

  • User friendly yet comprehensive questionnaire to collect multiply inputs from users in a friendly way
  • Building a complex mortgage algorithm optimizer with an ML-based prediction model
  • Highly optimized custom computational model (based on Genetic / Nelder-Midd)



  • Web


  • Python (Django)
  • React
  • Python (Django)
  • AWS (SQS, Lambda, EC2, RDS)
  • Cloud Architecture and DevOps
  • Highly tuned optimization engine (Cython) with MP execution

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