image Jul. 04, 2017

The Innovation Visas Program Will Allow Foreign Entrepreneurs to join Israeli startups ecosystem

We are excited to announce that IniTech has been chosen by Israel Innovation Authority to be one of the 12 Landing Pads for foreign entrepreneurs: as part of the Innovation Visas program, an entrepreneur may reside in Israel for a period of up to 24 months, during which time he/she may submit a request to the Israel Innovation Authority’s “Tnufa” support program. If the initiative matures into a company, the foreign entrepreneur may submit a request to receive further support from one of the Innovation Authority’s programs, and to receive an expert’s visa, for up to 5 years.

We will provide a foreign entrepreneur, who is beginning his/her journey in Israel, exposure to the Israeli innovation ecosystem, work space, technological backing, business and logistical support.

We highly appreciate this sign of recognition from the Innovation authority in IniTech as a leading company in the Israeli startups ecosystem.

We are working on innovative incubator initiative to bring brightest entrepreneurs in areas of AI, VR, and blockchain technologies to join the Israel ecosystem.

We are open for collaborations with investors, accelerators, and other players in Israel and abroad.

Link to the government announcement can be found here.

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