Express Analysis

Express Analysis helps entrepreneurs define their product in a clear and focused way, according to their own vision. We focus on the product’s core, which allows us to complete the analysis in a short time. This process lets the entrepreneur move from the general idea to the development stage very quickly and cost-efficiently. For more information, click here.

Our process

1 We conduct a series of up to 3 meetings, during which we map all the features and requirements the client can come up with.
2 We prepare a list of recommendations for features that are considered standard for similar applications. Along the way, we keep clarifying and refining the definitions.
3 We conduct an additional session with the client to determine the minimal features required to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for end users.
4 We translate the MVP functional definitions into user stories (descriptions of certain functionality from the point of view of the end user), and group them by epics (general topics or modules).
5 We map all the questions left unanswered and the technological risks for future reference as a part of the full technical analysis.
6 We provide a cost estimate for developing an MVP and a general cost estimation for the complete product, by utilizing empirical data that has been collected over the years from the industry.
7 We submit a document that contains all of the above in a format and detail level similar to an executive summary.

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