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About Initech

Initech is an innovative Israeli-based software powerhouse. We specialize in developing digital products for startups and online businesses. We build high-end desktop and mobile sites using best-of-breed open-source technologies. We have an excellent record of working with diverse set of customers in Israel, USA and Europe.


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7 Steps of Express Analysis in details:

  1. We conduct a series of up to 3 meetings, during which we map all the features and requirements that you come up with.

  2. We compile a list of features and complement them with features that are considered as a standard for similar applications. Along the way we refine and formalize definitions.

  3. We conduct an additional session with you in order to determine the minimum set of features that are sufficient to provide a useful product for end users (MVP - Minimum Valuable Product).

  4. We prepare a breakdown of the MVP to user stories (a description of specific feature from end-user perspective) and group them by epics (subjects).

  5. We map all open questions and technical risks to be resolved later as a part of a more comprehensive analysis process.

  6. We perform costs assessment of the MVP according to empirical statistics gathered from the industry and provide you with a single cost figure.

  7. We submit all the above in a single document similar to an executive summary.