מזוודה וחיבור גלובלי לאינטרנט (IoT)

IoT prototype, smart luggage

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'Smart luggage' is the IoT prototype for revolutionary suitcase.
Our client is a luxury US fashion brand that had an idea of creating next-generation luggage that will offer travellers futuristic tech experience: worldwide internet connectivity, wireless battery charging and luggage location tracking in case of its loss.
The product is currently presented in the East Asian market.


  • IoT
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)


  • Cloud Architecture and DevOps
  • React Native (iOS / Android)
  • Python (Django)

Project challenges

  • We had to constantly make sure that everyone is on the same page in a quite challenging multi-vendor environment. Initech and 4G connectivity solution company were located in Israel, while the client together with a company that specializes in smart materials technology were based in the US. Each platform component had to correspond the other and there was no place for miscommunication;
  • We had to figure out WeChat and AliPay integration. Due to the lack of documentation and little knowledge of Chinese payment systems in Western markets, this process was rather challenging and required a thorough work;
  • As we expected a high platform activity (not only between user and prototype but among all the connected devices), we had to make sure that the user has a seamless experience. The prototype had to run in real-time;
  • The prototype would contain sensitive location data from all the connected devices. Needless to say, we had to assure that our users are safe while using the product and put a lot of effort into the platform's data privacy and security.


  • Initech took a leading role in multi-vendor coordination, architecture design and integration processes. With the help of our top Project Managers, we ensured efficient communication between all the development members;
  • Even though we conquered AliPay and Wechat integration, we hired a local Chinese specialist to help our mobile app localization to make sure it corresponds to our target audience needs;
  • We made the platform's reliable by paying extra attention to its architecture and prolonged the luggage's battery viability by optimizing the data exchange between the hardware and software elements;
  • The users' data is protected by extra-secure data protocol technology. We followed all the modern IoT security guidelines.


When IoT is rapidly taking over every aspect of our lives, the idea of smart luggage development is inevitable. We got sold on this idea thinking about all the nervous people waiting for their luggage at the airport. What if you could always keep in touch with your suitcase and have it connected to your gadgets ecosystem?
Due to complexity, the project required several participants to cover all the aspects: brand identity, smart technology, and connection with other devices.
Having a fully functioning prototype, the client’s team has received stakeholders’ approval on further development. We are currently working on software platform modifications for the next version of hardware.

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