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Health Tracker IoT and software for pets

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Oggii identifies an "animal fingerprint". It is a startup based in Israel that allows people to take care of those who can't ask for it – their pets. The tracking device is attached to the collar and it provides a pet's owner with valuable insights on pet's health conditions: ear infections,
diabetes, external parasites, atopic dermatitis and more. Cloud-based algorithms are also giving owners unique recommendations on their pets' well-being.


  • IoT
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)


  • (IoT (AWS EC2
  • AWS Lambda
  • (Python (Django
  • (React-Native (IOS, Android
  • ELK Stack

Project challenges

  • As we were leading the IoT cloud development, we had to adjust to a multi-vendor environment and be on the same page with the R&D and the hardware development teams;
  • The client already had a legacy mobile app that contained valuable data. To avoid its loss, we had to keep up with the initial concept yet to create an innovative, up-to-date software solution;
  • We had to integrate the machine learning algorithm developed by client’s data science team into current modern technology stack and runtime;
  • The development process required regular international field experiments so we constantly had to be prepared for an urgent code drop and to work directly with veterinarians spread around the globe.


  • We helped converting laboratory data science algorithms to efficient Python code;
  • Besides clinical monitoring of the dog's health, we have used cloud-based algorithms to build a nutritional profile of each pet. Updated clinical condition data now gives personalized nutritional advice for each pet!
  • The interactive and modern interface provides a user with updates and recommendations while Oggii collar hardware and complicated backend tracks and calculates a massive amount of data;


The Oggii has it all. The device detects possible health problems early, helps you to optimize your pet’s treatment and encourages you to make decisions from a long-term perspective. Yes, the app plans for you and your pet! Besides that, it offers around the clock monitoring for your pet. Oggii monitors specific behaviors, including walking, running, sprinting, shaking, scratching, resting, sleeping, eating and drinking… How much safer could your pet possibly be?
Extensive and rich functionality is hand-crafted by a large group of specialists. Complicated algorithms, cross-device connection, complex cloud infrastructure for IoT assures platforms reliability and, honestly, we helped to create a highly competitive product.
The company released tens of thousands of devices and product is currently in massive commercial use.

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