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Israel’s Nature and Park Authority (NPA) is a government organization that is taking care of national parks and nature reserves. The NPA is also in charge of protecting our country's wildlife and endangered species. It coordinates and supervises multiple volunteer initiatives and activities of the citizens.
This government organization manages multiple internal and external software programs that were partially or completely developed by Initech.


  • Web


  • (Python (Django
  • AngularJS
  • PostgreSQL with PostGIS

Project challenges

  • Initech had to follow strict requirements of government security and keep up with governmental processes & guidelines;
  • We had to adjust to existing government IT department and create a team workflow;
  • As NPA already had a Data Analysts' team, we were requested to provide them with a Business Intelligence product that would correspond to government guidelines.


  • We have pulled together multiple internal and external data sources and achieved maximum accuracy in data management. It improved tracking efficiency and helped to protect our nature better than ever before;
  • We also proudly created various GIS (geographic information systems) models to properly track the territories;
  • Speaking of efficiency, we have created a top-notch dashboard by developing a sophisticated custom UI component. It allows the user to filter out desired results. Simply speaking, an NPA worker can track the needed territory, see the information they require, track the results and properly manage their tasks (on preserving nature of course!);
  • Due to the multi-organizational and multi-national environment of Red Book advocates, we had to create an open-source code repository management so that everyone can use our software.


We have created a couple of products for the Israel’s Nature and Park Authority:
Internal ERP system for managing Nature and Park Authority websites. The websites' purpose is the species distribution management and observation and care of wildlife.
Public Red Book platform that takes care of sightings tracking and serves as a repository of knowledge for endangered species. Currently, it covers the preservation of endangered or disappearing species of birds. As a next step, Initech is helping to create such a system for species of plants and reptilians. The big plan is to create a global portal for all Red Book sites.
Basically, we were hired by the NPA to help them kick-off a great project: to start preserving our nature by using a capacity of technology in its full.

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