Maintenance and Development of Existing Systems

Maintaining systems that have been developed by other parties, as well as further development, documentation, implementation of automated testing tools, improving of UI and performance tuning. We provide round-the-clock infrastructure support and assist you with defining new requirements and creating a technological roadmap for your product.

Our process

1 Receiving the responsibility for production systems from external development teams (including code survey, documentation of architecture, infrastructure mapping).
2 Introducing the use of version control for code, including database scripts, and related methodologies.
3 Organizing milestones, tasks and known defects in an online management system.
4 Updating specifications and implementing methodologies for requirements analysis.
5 Collaborating with other providers (hosting, design, algorithms, hardware/embedded engineers).
6 Separating environments, setup of designated testing environments
7 Preparing QA scenarios and testing automation.
8 Optimizing performance

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