Improve your online Security and Performance, while maintaining Flexibility

  • Do you encounter attacks on your site?
  • Are you struggling with long loading times?
  • Are you concerned with the ability to update your content?
Improve your online Security and Performance, while maintaining Flexibility

Our solution

Rock-solid CDN-based site, backed by CMS tailored to your needs


  • Impervious to any hacking / DDOS attacks
  • Lightning-fast loading times to boost your SEO scores
  • Versioning of content – your old content will never be lost, revert to any previously published version in a click!
  • Staging area + control over publishing for your content management team
  • Fully customizable layouts and widgets to match your branding
  • Fully functional admin area, just like any regular CMS
  • Based on award-winning open-source Django CMS
  • Compatible with a selection of popular CDN services
Our solution

Our method


We build you a custom site based on Django CMS, open to admin access from your office IP only (more configurations available).


  • Our proprietary code creates a static version of the site and publishes it to a CDN (old version is backed up).
  • Any functionality such as contact form, chat with service representative, analytics is provided by client-side add-ons connected to external services.
  • We customized the default permission model of Django CMS to allow you to assign content management / publishing roles to different team members.
  • Our professional services are always available to maintain your site. But hey, you can even have your own technical team to develop new pages and widgets!

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