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TimelinesAI is a web application client that helps business owners and their team manage Whatsapp chats and retain a history of communication with their clients. The client enables users to connect one or even several Whatsapp accounts at once and collectively view them in one place.
TimelinesAI was created to help get more control over Whatsapp communication with clients and ensure the best customer experience. As a result, it helps client-facing companies to increase inside sales and LTV of their clients.

Project challenges

  • As Whatsapp Business API is only available to a limited number of providers, we had to develop the connection between Whatsapp and TimelinesAI client 
  • The connection has to synchronize contacts, chats, and documents in real-time
  • The connection must be stable as the team would rely on the client to collaborate on chats or control team performance
  • The information must remain accessible to the client even if they or their team members lose access to the number
  • The app would contain private data from all the connected profiles. We made sure that the user’s data is securely protected and only accessible to people they specifically share access with.


Whatsapp is the #1 messaging platform in the world with more than 1.5 Billion users worldwide. We see the increasing demand from brands for the solution that enables their teams to enjoy the benefits of reaching out in a more direct way than even email, and also maintain collective access to the history of relations with their clients. These data are crucial for improving the inside sales and revenue metrics.

We are currently working on adding more requested features from our clients, such as integration with most popular CRM systems, mobile application, and publicly available API to enable automations.

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  • Web


  • Python (Django)
  • React
  • PostgreSQL nad AWS

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