Multi user game

Multi-user real-time game

About the project
A browser game with a goal to familiarize users with the basics of the stock exchange and trading in a fun and engaging manner

Work process
Our main goal was to help the customer to translate an 80’s Israeli board game into the online world. Converting a physical board game into a web-based one required an iterative workflow, starting with a prototype, and gradually expanding the game’s functionality and adjusting them to the moder online multi-player game requirements.

Analysis & Definition
Translating the game rules and making them compatible with the web domain, focusing on engagement and retention.

Performing market research and user-testing ,in order to improve the game and make it more intuitive for the target audience. For this reason, experts provided graphic

Web development
We employed Node.js and to enable real-time interaction among competing players, as well as CSS3 and Javascript animations for broad browser support. The development process was iterative starting with a prototype of the game rules engine and gradually

Services provided in this project

  • Analysis & Definition
  • UX & UI
  • Development


  • HTML5
  • Javascript (jQuery)
  • NodeJS
  • Linux

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