Cardo Community and Updater

A headset management platform


Cardo is a leading provider of high-end bluetooth headsets for motorcyclists. The company provides users not only with a hardware, but gives them an opportunity to become a part of the community. If you have a Cardo headset, you can use the platform to set up your gadget, to manage your devices and to organize social events and joint rides with other Cardo users.

Project challenges

  • As the client already had a legacy software, we had to find a way to update it without sacrificing familiar functionality;
  • We had to create a single web interface to control the settings of the headset, to perform system updates and interact with other Cardo headset owners. Before that, the company had a separate software for each purpose;


  • It is a known fact that motorcycle owners form some sort of a subculture. We helped to create a community of motorcycle Bluetooth headset owners to bring them closer. Now all Cardo owners have access to a custom social platform that allows them to exchange contact information and schedule joint trips;
  • Besides exchanging experience, Cardo users now can benefit from the Cardo Updater (both via Windows or Mac OS) on a platform and keep up with the latest version of the software;
  • Now Cardo users can talk to their helmet headsets. We integrated a custom voice recognition Python code into the platform.


It is a well-known fact that the real success of the product is a customer loyalty.
What we did for Cardo is what makes any product great: an up-to-date modern and rich software together with customer success improvement.
Cardo headset owners, motorcycle owners all over the world, now using a truly futuristic product (and can give it voice commands!). Besides that, when getting a headset they are also automatically joining a community of same-thinkers. It’s not anymore a gadget, but the lifestyle each Cardo’s customer benefits from. And most likely, enjoys it very much – all in platform.


  • Web
  • Desktop


  • PHP (SocialEngine)
  • MySQL
  • Python
  • C/C++ (Windows, MacOS)

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