Sparko – Virtual Retirement Community

Web/Mobile/Smart TV Platform


SparkoTV is a UK-based service-tech startup and is endorsed by AgeUK, UK’s leading housing associations, and a number of other charity organizations. Stay in your own home whilst having the benefits of living in a retirement community.With the social prescribing concept gaining traction among the NHS and other healthcare professionals, Sparko Virtual Retirement Community is the ultimate go-to solution; providing support in the community and improving the health and wellbeing of its members who wish to remain at home without compromising on their independence.

Project highlights

  • Custom high-end Android-based set-top-box with custom UI
  • Companion mobile application for Android / iOS
  • Backoffice  for community managers and service-providers

Project challenges

  • User-friendly highly accessible UI that can be operated by a simple remote control
  • Reliable embedded video calling and live conferencing
  • Streamlined initial setup and OTA updates delivery
  • Complex back office to support multi-tiered organizations and different organizational roles with a wide selection of permissions.



  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Smart TV


  • ReactJS + Native Android
  • Java (Android)
  • Python (Django) with REST API
  • AWS (SQS, Lambda, EC2, RDS)
  • Cloud Architecture and DevOps

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