Full-stack web development!

Looking to develop a web site or back-end for a mobile applications?

Seeking reliable open-source web technology with great security record and thriving developer community?

Need to upgrade or maintain existing code?

Full-stack web development!

Python is the answer!

Python is a popular and powerful programming language, which is equally suitable for implementing business logics, complex algorithms or big data processing.

It’s often considered first choice for many security-sensitive industries such as Cyber, Health, eCommerce and Finance.

Python language comes with a top-class ecosystem of frameworks and platforms, that cater to all the needs of full-stack web development:

  • A wide range of libraries from image processing, to big data manipulation, to NLP.

  • Django framework – a powerful and all-inclusive open-source tool ideally suited for business applications and custom solutions.

  • Django admin – out of the box solution for back-office.

  • Oscar Python eCommerce – flexible open-source platform for creating online shops and highly-customized eCommerce solutions.

  • Django CMS, Mezzanine, Wagtail – popular open-source CMS platforms for creating million-dollar-looking commercial sites for businesses.

Initech Software Services

Initech is a Django development company specializing in Python / Django, that develops digital products for startups and online businesses. We are experts at understanding the client’s vision and needs, be it in application development or UX / UI design. Our team of experts excels in designing scalable and flexible architecture, producing secure and performant code and maintaining production systems. Our services cover the full product life-cycle: functional analysis, UX, design, architecture, development, manual and automated testing, devops and maintenance.


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