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Port your Parse backend to an open-source reliable and scalable web infrastructure!

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Initech specializes in development of software products in the field of B2B marketing and in provision of related professional services. We have a proven record of 8 years of success as a premium service provider for clients in Israel and abroad. We are offering you our unique package of services, that will expand the circle of your professional and business connections in the world-leading professional social network LinkedIn. The secret of our success is in innovative combination of efficient marketing methods and smart AI tools that amplifies the effect of manual techniques manifold.

We would be happy to see you among the clients of our unique B2B business promotion service!



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3 reasons why you should port your backend:

  1. Don’t ever be hostage of a back-end platform!
  2. Enjoy limitless flexibility of real development framework!
  3. Be free in the choice of your hosting provider!

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