IoT startup!

Looking for all-inclusive software solution to cover all your requirements?

Looking for a partner that did it many times and knows exactly what do you need to launch your product?

IoT startup!

Most of the IoT companies have similar software needs!

Our experience shows that most successful IoT products needed at least the following:

  • Brand / e-commerce site – to spread the word, promote sales and make pre-orders
  • Integration with Kickstarter / Indiegogo campaigns
  • Secure cloud APIs and bandwidth-efficient protocols
  • Cloud-based back-end to collect big data and produce dashboards for admins and users
  • OTA updates delivery
  • Wearable application
  • Mobile companion app
  • App2app APIs

Let’s reuse this experience and open-source infrastructure to jumpstart your product in a matter of months, rather than years!

Initech Software Services

Initech is an innovative software company that develops digital products and cloud-based solutions. We know how to collaborate with IoT companies! We will define and divide the fields of responsibility in such way as to allow you to focus on your core field of competency: HW and embedded.

We are experts at understanding the client’s vision and needs. Our team of experts excels in designing scalable and flexible architecture, producing secure and performant code and maintaining production systems. Our services cover the full software product life-cycle: functional analysis, UX, design, architecture, development, manual and automated testing, devops and maintenance.


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