Jan. 12, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

2015 Summary

As the pace of life constantly speeds up, it is important to stop once in awhile and to look back at the passing year and to set goals for the future.

New Year holiday is a great opportunity for us to do so. And so, after the celebrations are over, we can look back, summarize and set our goals for brand new Anno Domini 2016.

So, our achievements for 2015:

  1. We participated in over 100 entrepreneur events and met with over 800 Startups and businesses from Israel, Europe and US.
  2. We acquired over 60 new customers in the fields of IoT, Fashion, Biotechnology, Cyber, eCommerce, Digital health, Social Media and more.
  3. We focused on creating a bundle of services for building digital products, including: product definition, analysis, user experience, UI design and development.
  4. We started working with non-technological companies that are interested in entering the technological world.
  5. We mentored entrepreneurs from the first stage of the idea towards the development of their product.
  6. We assisted multiple non technological businesses in automating and improving of their internal processes using web and mobile development.
  7. We took an active part in multiple startup accelerators and entrepreneurship programs in Israel and abroad.
  8. We expanded our project management practices to include the processes of product definition, user experience and requirements analysis.
  9. We developed a robust and versatile infrastructure for our projects on top of Python/Django.
  10. We accepted into our team new members for the positions of project management , user experience and web development.

Our goals for 2016:

  1. To expand our customer audience in Israel and abroad, while maintaining our focus on startups and digital business.
  2. To address technological challenges of big data and web scale.
  3. To nurture long term relationships with our customers though deep understanding of their need and true partnership.
  4. To provide added value to our customers by offering innovative services.
  5. To expand our involvement in the outstanding entrepreneurship ecosystem of Israel.
  6. To establish partnerships with startup communities and accelerator abroad to spread the deep entrepreneurial insights and the innovation culture of Israel.

We wish all of you a New Year full of personal and professional achievements!

Ishay Tentser, CEO

Initech,digital products development


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